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Vasotic It is characterized by periodic nasal congestion, the cause of which is a violation of vascular tone. This form requires the use of decongestants. Vasodilation Here, a child or adult may be disturbed by nasal congestion in combination with vasodilation of the nasal mucosa. Chronic edema Symptoms of allergic rhinitis include persistent nasal congestion, cyanosis of the mucosa. Hyperplasia Causes nasal congestion, mucosal overgrowth, and polyp formation. Against the background of this disease, secondary otitis media may occur.

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The course of the presented disease in a child and in an adult can occur in several stages: Allergic rhinitis is manifested by a variety of symptoms. Some of them appear a few minutes after contact with the allergen, others develop after several days or even weeks.

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Against this background, otitis media often develops; Dry cough. Occurs due to unphysiological mouth breathing, as the nose is blocked; Olfactory disorders. It may be transient, but gradually there is a partial or complete loss of this feeling. Weakness, fatigue, impaired concentration, problems with sleep and appetite.

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Irritability of the conjunctiva of the eye and photophobia; Ear congestion and hearing problems. Occur due to swelling of the auditory tubes, which connect the nasal cavity and the middle ear. In childhood, the manifestations of the disease are more pronounced. The lack of full nasal breathing can lead to disruption of the normal growth of the facial part of the skeleton.

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After the conversation, the attending physician will prescribe a skin test. How to treat allergic rhinitis?Unfortunately, all allergic rhinitis medications are used only to alleviate symptoms - reduce runny nose, reduce swelling, nasal congestion, tearing and itching. Until now, medicine does not know how to get rid of bactrim forever, since the deep causes and triggers of such an inadequate reaction of the body's immune system are not known.

Therefore, all drugs, sprays, drops from allergic rhinitis are used as symptomatic agents that dull the manifestations of allergies, but which cannot change the body's response to the allergen. What can the pharmaceutical industry offer today for the treatment of allergic rhinitis? Antihistamines (Suprastin, Zodak). Allergic rhinitis in adults usually involves the use of non-sedating II-III generation tablet forms.

Syrups are preferred for babies. The best drugs: Zirtek, Claritin, Erius. Leukotriene antagonists (Acolat). Tablets serve as an additional component in the treatment of sensitization. Vasoconstrictor drops for allergic rhinitis. The abuse of these drugs is unacceptable in allergic rhinitis. They can be used to reduce swelling of bactrim, reduce mucus, but not more than 5 days, or only in rare cases.

They do not have a therapeutic effect, but only facilitate breathing. Corticosteroids (Dexamethasone). In tablets, they are used extremely rarely due to side effects on the body. Reception is advisable in the absence of other methods of treatment.